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Is it possible to run Marginalia on a Java (multi-module) project which uses Maven?

Or is there any other alternative that's similar to Marginalia or Docco that can do this?

What's important to me is to be able to add it as a dependency from some public Maven repository and to use it straight away, without installing any additional stuff like Node.js for Docco for example - which is reasonable since it's a Java project.

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I've tried several options:

  • Marginalia with the Zi plugin;
  • Jocco (though it is not published on any Maven repo);
  • and then, I found atlasssian-docco!

I'll have to revise my comments formatting to fit the guide, but I think this Maven plugin will do the job. Any thoughts?

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If people are still searching for an alternative programming Documentation Generator to javadoc. I have tried Atlassian Docco, but the generated doc is not so appealing and readable. Then found out Groc. As of now far better than former. Groc aims to support Literate Programming. Give it a try. Seems like Groc does not contain Maven dependency

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