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I have a sensor data whose value varies from 0 to 65536 as the data type is uint16. I want to draw a 2D plot which should vary from -3000 to +3000 on X-axis with respect to time.

For example if in my data set I get

0 equivalent to -3000 32768 equivalent to 0 65536 equivalent to 3000Please kindly excuse if the question is very trivial as I am beginner to MATLAB.


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Do the following:

Data; %here you have your data
time; %here your time


Data=Data*scale/maxData+bot; %rescale your data and apply the offset.


You can change a lot of things in the plotting options. For example if you want to plot the data as circles and in red do the following:

plot(Data,time,'ro') %r stands for red and o for circle

you can find a lot of information about plotting here

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I think your formula should have a +bot at the end instead of -bot, otherwise the data will have the range 3000 to 9000 instead of -3000 to 3000. – wakjah May 18 '13 at 9:18
@wakjah damn, in mathemathics the fault is allways the minus! – Ander Biguri May 18 '13 at 13:17

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