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I am using scala template with input helper.

The class attribute which i use applies style for the <input> tag.

How do i apply the style specific to the generated <label> tag?

@inputText(orderItem("item1"),'_label -> "Product*",'_class -> "tinytfss")

Thanks in advance for your support. Manoj

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related… – Adrien Be Dec 17 '14 at 9:21

I just ran into this problem myself, but I was able to solve it without using a custom FieldConstructor. All I did was change my form helper line to include a form id, and then reference the label for that form in css. Like so:

scala template file:

        #new-tenant-form label {
            font-weight: bold;

. . .

    @helper.form(routes.Tenants.create(), 'id -> "new-tenant-form") {
           . . . 
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You could try ditching the built-in field constructors and instead write your own. The following template accepts a custom argument that controls the styling of the label:


@(element: helper.FieldElements)

<div class="clearfix @if(element.hasErrors){error}">
  <label for="" class="@element.args.get('_label_class)">@element.label</label>
  <div class="input">

Now use your new field constructor instead of whichever built-in one you were using before:


@* implicitFieldConstructor = @{ FieldConstructor(twitterBootstrapInput.f) } *@
@implicitField = @{ FieldConstructor(_my_field_constructor.f) }

When calling the helper function to create a input text field, you can now pass in a custom _label_class argument that the template will pick up:


@inputText(orderItem("item1"), '_label -> "Product", '_label_class -> "red", '_class -> "tinytfss")
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Thank you for very kind & generous support. It worked great..! – Manoj May 21 '13 at 12:10
@Manoj Please accept an aswer if it was helpful (click on checkmark under vote counter). – Artemix Jul 18 '13 at 15:19

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