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Im very new to the backend. Im making a plan to build an iOS Social App that uses Parse for the backend. But since Parse hasn't supported real-time chat feature so I have an idea that uses the Quickblox chat API to build my real-time chat feature. Im not sure whether it is possible or not so I ask here.

Honestly I haven't try anything because I just make my plan. It must be clear before I start so I will build my app faster.

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Yes, It's possible.

QuickBlox user model has external_user_id field, you can connect Parse user and QB through this parameter. Or vise-a-versa.

Next, for example, you use Parse user. And you would like to start chat with other Parse user. You should:

  1. Get QuickBlox user by Parse user.
  2. Login to QuickBlox chat
  3. Send message.


Also, QuickBlox has the same features wich has Parse. I recommend you to review your requirements and maybe you no need to use Parse because in any cases use 2 platforms it will be a bit complicated to support.

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Thank you. It is very easy to understand. –  TJ Thomas May 20 '13 at 14:51
I will think about your advice that using 1 platfrom :D. –  TJ Thomas May 20 '13 at 14:59
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