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I am trying to build an iOS app using Promotion. It works fine as long as I use the build in default design. But I want to be able to style for example the navbar as I want (different colors and different background images).

How can I do this using Promotion?


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You can use Teacup to easily customize your views.

Add teacup to your gemfile, create a file appearence.rb in app/styles/appearence.rb and paste the following code: do

  style UINavigationBar, {
    tintColor: UIColor.blackColor

  style UIBarButtonItem, {
    tintColor: UIColor.blackColor

  style UITableViewCell, {
    layer: {  # style the layer!
      shadowRadius: 3
    backgroundView: {  # style the background!
      backgroundColor: UIColor.blackColor
    imageView: {  # style the imageView!
      contentMode: UIViewContentModeScaleAspectFill

  style UISearchBar, {
    tintColor: UIColor.colorWithRed(0.733, green:0.733, blue:0.733, alpha:1)

Add this line to your app delegate before loading your views


Hope it helps.

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This absolutely works. I'm using it in my app. I haven't a clue how UIAppearance will work in some "as-yet unreleased" version of iOS, but for iOS 6, it works just great! – Steve Ross Jun 29 '13 at 17:44

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