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I am designing a website.I want to validate the mobile no. entered by the user on the registration page, by sending a verification code to his mobile phone. Can anyone give me pointers to how should i proceed with it??

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There are two options, depending on your budget.

Option 1 - buy an SMS gateway and install it on your server. You can then call an API from your server-side script that will send an SMS - you will need to supply the mobile phone number and the text content. This is the more expensive option unless you have a lot of volume.

Option 2 - use an SMS gateway service. In this case, someone else operates the gateway and you call their API to send messages. You normally buy "bundles" of texts to use this, so the cost depends on the number of texts you buy.

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Uh, that really depends on what you're doing.

You can, for example, connect a phone to the server and send messages using a solution like gnokii or something like this. Or you can use one of email/www to SMS gates that are out there, on the internet.

On the other hand, you can reverse your usecase a bit. Instead of sending a confirmation code to the user (and, I guess, asking him to enter it back on your site) you can display a confirmation code to the user and ask to send a text message to the number you display.

This makes a user having to text you. First it lowers your expenses (if you pay for the message) and second, can prevent the evil users from trying to DOS your SMS system.

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+1 for mentioning email2SMS gateway. That's a good one. –  Guru Nov 2 '09 at 11:31
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Probably the easiest solution is to use some webservice for sending SMSs.

For an example see this: http://www.codeproject.com/KB/cpp/SendSmsThroughWS.aspx

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You can also give a try with Dial2Verify - Missed call based customer identity verification platform

Its open for web businesses http://dial2verify.com and api details could be found at http://kb.dial2verify.in

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We have built an interface to explain, how a simple missed call can be used as a replacement to traditional username / password based login systems.

Live demo: http://dev.dial2verify.in/MissedCallLogin/1/login.php

Above demo, is a customized version of http://php-login-script.com/ ( php login script )

With just 2-3 Kb of code changes, we have transformed it into missed call based login system.

* Although we have used India Landline numbers for demo, but Considering risk of caller id spoofing, we recommend using 1800XX tollfree numbers for prod implementations.

API Reference: Plug-in Manager Now Integrated Within Dial2Verify Dashboard

Please share your suggestions and feedback to improve the use-case.

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Here is another reference to the Open API provider.

mOTP ( http://motp.in ) providing an open api alternative to SMS based two factor auth. Using mOTP you would be able to implement phone verification with ease ( they have some free plugins too )

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