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The following is my Matlab coding

fprintf(1, 'Object # \tArea \tPerimeter \tCentroid\n');
for i=1:num


fprintf(1, '#%3d %15u %15u %15u %15u\n', i, a(i), b(i),c(i);

The output is

File name #     Area    Perimeter     Centroid
1             44992     9.021421e+002    3.464378e+002

How to make the output to be aligned in a neat way as following:

          File name      Area         Perimeter          Centroid
this_is_my_filename     44992     9.021421e+002     3.464378e+002


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One thing regarding your code: the fprintf(1, '#%3d %15u %15u %15u %15u\n', i, a(i), b(i),c(i); line is outside the loop so it will print data only for last value of i variable from the loop. This is why you'll have only one line printed.

As for beautifying the output you can try something like this:

fprintf(1, '%15s\t%9s\t%9s\t%19s\n', 'Object #','Area','Perimeter','Centroid');
for i=1:num
    fprintf(1, '%15.5f\t%9.5f\t%9.5f\t%9.5f:%9.5f\n', i, s(i).Area, s(i).Perimeter, s(i).Centroid );

Note that field widths of each part is the same when you print header row and data rows.

This code assumes you want to print results of regionprops function. In this case Centroid is not a single number, but a two-element vector indicating x and y position of the region centroid.

Alternatively, you can do the same without loop

DataToPrint = [
fprintf(1, '%15s\t%9s\t%9s\t%19s\n', 'Object #','Area','Perimeter','Centroid');
fprintf(1, '%15.5f\t%9.5f\t%9.5f\t%9.5f:%9.5f\n', DataToPrint );

EDIT: If you want to save this to file you should write like this:

fid = fopen('YourFileName.txt','w'); % open file for writing
fprintf(fid, '%15s\t%9s\t%9s\t%19s\n', 'Object #','Area','Perimeter','Centroid');
fprintf(fid, '%15.5f\t%9.5f\t%9.5f\t%9.5f:%9.5f\n', DataToPrint );
fclose(fid); % close file

See http://www.mathworks.com/help/matlab/low-level-file-i-o.html for more information

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Thanks! and how can I save the output in text file? For instance, the command window shows: Object # Area Perimeter Centroid – user2247503 May 25 '13 at 5:27
I updated my answer. – anandr May 25 '13 at 20:34

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