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I'd like to know, what practical way of printing on EPSON Dot Matrix printers in Java. I'm having the LX300+II model to play, with USB connectivity.

I searched too much on internet but all the codes available for network and serial(port LPT) printers. like :,

I tried with Java print service 2D Graphics, it works but taking time.

I know we have two ways of using this printer:

  1. By directly raw ASCII data to printer
  2. By Graphical printing, with graphical fonts and precise positioning.

How can I use both fast printing fonts (provided by 1) and precise positioning (provided by 2)? Any code or API?

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Look at the manual for the printer to see if this is possible (no point searching for code if the printer can't do it). – jdigital May 17 '13 at 10:51
Problem is solved, Just shared my USB printer and then it available on network path like "\\localhost\<printerName>". But Now I am facing the other issue :(.… Any body have any solution ? – user2393492 May 19 '13 at 1:30

There is a third-party API, RTextPrinter which seems to support the following Dot Matrix printer command sets:

  • Epson ESCP and ESCP2 or compatible
  • HP-PCL5 or compatible
  • HP-PCL 3 (known also as Laset Jet Plus Emulation)
  • IBM Proprinter or compatible
  • Diablo
  • Plain (no features)

It supports the following features as listed in its details page:

  • Font selection (courier ...)
  • Font style (bold, italic and underlined)
  • Font size (characters per inch)
  • Lines (vertical and horizontal) and rectangles
  • Character set managing and charater value mapping
  • Other: subscripts and superscripts, double wide, landscape format and interline spacing

However, this is not a free API and you will have to purchase a license to use it. You can try a demo to see if it satisfies your requirement though.

Hope this helps.

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