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I want to insert string to oracle database as clob data type in c#. How can I do this? some codes for example:

  private static byte[] GetByteArr(string listParameter)
        if (listParameter!=null)
            return Encoding.Unicode.GetBytes(listParameter);
            return Encoding.Unicode.GetBytes(string.Empty);
  byte[] toArr = GetByteArr((string)eMessageList[1]);
  emailParameters[1] = command.Parameters.Add("pEto",OracleDbType.Clob, toArr,ParameterDirection.Input);

this code insert toArr to database as System.Byte[].

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If it's a clob (rather than a blob) you shouldn't need to convert it to a byte array. You might need to convert it to a char[], but not a byte[]... Additionally, you haven't said anything about what happens with the code you've already provided. – Jon Skeet May 17 '13 at 10:55
I haven't said anything about what happens, because some comments isn't releated about my operation, it's about what I do. I just want to learn insert string to db as clob data type. – cejoseph May 17 '13 at 10:59

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