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I'm in need of an audio streaming player component, using the hardware decoding capabilities of the iPhone (CoreAudio).

So before I start making my own I was wondering if you guys knew any good ones I could buy instead? It would save me quite some time.

It's price don't matter, really; as long as it can handle HLS/M3U8 playlists, AAC, HE-ACC and MP3.


Side note: I should mention that AVPlayer etc. provided by Apple isn't an option. AFAIR the system kills their background thread when multitasking, should the user drive through a tunnel or whatever, effectively shutting down the app (making it impossible to re-establish a connection).

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My opensource Audjustable library does what you're looking for. Supports queueing and gapless playback. It's very easy to add whatever playlist support you need.


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You need to update your library to replace the deprecated functions and support non ARC projects –  Julio Bailon Oct 9 '13 at 3:28

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