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I was adding a progress bar in my login form.

After clicking on sign in button in login form thenext form gets some values from database(in form load), and then the next form opens after getting the data.

Now before the next form opens,I want to display the progress of data fetch in that progress bar in login form. So I have added the following code in next form.

Login login = new Login();


 _recordCount = _recordCount + 1;

// Increment ProgressBar 

ProgressBar progressBar =(ProgressBar) login.Controls["progressBarMainPageLoad"];
if (_recordCount*10 < 100)
  progressBar.Value = _recordCount*10;

But there is no change in progress bar in login form. what is wrong with it.

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If I understand your code correctly you try to reference the current instance of the Login form with

Login login = new Login();

when you are inside of the 'next' form. But this line creates a new instance of the Login form and the progressbar control obtained is from this new instance. So you are essentially incrementing the progressbar on a form that is not displayed on your monitor.

To prove this adds a


before calling the increment.

To solve, well, you need to pass the correct instance of the login form inside this next form and reference it

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You should use BackgroundWorker for your task.

Use ProgressChanged event to change your progressbar value and DoWork to get values from database.

Don't forget to set WorkerReportsProgress property to true.

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