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I'm totally new to Fancybox. I am trying to put different links in each image of a gallery opened with it. I've done exactly what JFK has posted in fancybox - how can I put a link from the opened image?.

It works, but I can only open the first image with Fancybox and then slide to others, but if I click directly on the second image or the third, Fancybox doesn't show up.

Here's my code:

<a id="manual1"  href="javascript:;"> <img src="images/04.png" width="58" height="174" /></a>
<a id="manual1" href="javascript:;"> <img src="images/03.png" width="58" height="174" /></a>    
<a id="manual1" href="javascript:;"> <img src="images/02.png" width="58" height="174" /></a>


$(document).ready(function() {
$("#manual1").click(function() {
        href: 'images/yuangu.jpg',
        title: 'Haute',
        link: 'images/yuangubig.jpg'},
        href: 'images/xianan01.jpg',
        title: 'Man in the Box',
        link: 'images/xianan01big.jpg'},
        href: 'images/xianan02.jpg',
        title: 'Man in the Box 2',
        link: 'images/xianan02big.jpg'}
    ], {
        beforeShow: function() {
            $(".fancybox-image").wrap('<a href="' + + '" />')

        padding: 12,
        nextEffect: 'fade',
        prevEffect: 'fade'

    return false;
}); // ready

Also, where should I add target="_blank" in order to open the links in a new window?


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check this fiddle out – rajesh kakawat May 17 '13 at 11:56
Read No.7, this why only the first one works – JFK May 17 '13 at 18:49
$(".fancybox-image").wrap('<a target="_blank" href="' + + '" />') – JFK May 19 '13 at 17:29

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