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We use this bitronix.tm.resource.jdbc.PoolingDataSource with OracleXADataSouce, with our typical spring application context looking like this

 <bean id="bitronixTransaction" factory-method="getTransactionManager"
            class="bitronix.tm.TransactionManagerServices" depends-on="x1,x2,x2"
            destroy-method="shutdown" />

        <bean id="jtaTransaction"
            <property name="transactionManager" ref="bitronixTransaction" />
            <property name="userTransaction" ref="bitronixTransaction" />

Now the problem, I have transactional entity save, and complete it sucessfully. i take the PK from this entity and push this to third party system (a rest call), if the third party rest call response is success, i would like to make another save of the entity to database.

This works fine in the happy path but on the error path, i would like to rollback initial save and the second save of the enity and throw an error.

Now the question, how do i achieve error sceanrio?

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