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I have a two dimensional plot. Every point on it has some value (say, y) ranging from 0 to 1. I want to show these values on a plot using colors. For example, if any point has a value less than 0.25 it should be green, points having value between 0.25 and 0.5 will be yellow and rest be red. How to achieve this in R. Following is the code which generates y for various points represented by (i,j).

i <- 0
for(i in seq(from=0, to=.8, by=0.1)){
j <- 0
for(j in seq(from=0, to=1, by=0.1)){

a <- evalq( i*(1+i^2-i^2*j)/((1+i)^2*(1+i^2)) )
b <- evalq( i*(1-j)/(1+i) )
c <- evalq( ((1-j)/(1+i))-i*(1+i^2-i^2*j)/((1+i)^2*(1+i^2)) )

x <- c(a,b,c)
y <- gini(x) # i want to plot y

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If you want to plot your data as lines rather than points, you can use the clplot tool in plotrix (disclaimer - I wrote that tool). –  Carl Witthoft May 17 '13 at 14:46

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plot(y , col = ifelse(y < 0.25 , 'green', ifelse( y < 0.5 , 'yellow' , 'red')))
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You can define a new variable that indexes the colors you want using the cut() function. For example,

# I created an example i, j, and y rather than using your code for simplicity
df <- expand.grid(i=seq(0, 0.8, 0.1), j=seq(0, 1, 0.1))
y <- runif(dim(df)[1])

# define the colors you want
mycol <- c("green", "yellow", "red")

# define a color index based on y using the breaks you want
yindex <- cut(y, c(0, 0.25, 0.5, 1), labels=FALSE)

# scatterplot using the specified colors
plot(df$i, df$j, col=mycol[yindex])
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Use outer to get the result as a matrix. It's easier than a for loop.

i <- seq(from=0, to=.8, by=0.1)
j <- seq(from=0, to=0.9, by=0.1)

res <- outer(i,j,FUN=Vectorize(function(i,j) {
  a <-  i*(1+i^2-i^2*j)/((1+i)^2*(1+i^2)) 
  b <-  i*(1-j)/(1+i) 
  c <-  ((1-j)/(1+i))-i*(1+i^2-i^2*j)/((1+i)^2*(1+i^2))

Use image for plotting:

image(res, breaks = c(-1000,.25,.5,1000),col = c("green","yellow","red"),
axis(1, at = seq(0,1,length.out=length(i),labels=i)
axis(2, at = seq(0,1,length.out=length(j),labels=j)

enter image description here

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