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I have a table filled with members list (listmembers.php) and one of the column looks like this:

enter image description here

But, when I click the ban now! or unban now! the page refers to dobanunban.php and it shows

Notice: Undefined variable: status in C:\xampp\htdocs\AM\control\dobanunban.php on line 5 which refers to $status = $_REQUEST['status'];

I have the following code in listmembers.php


            if($_SESSION['usernameonline'] == NULL || $_SESSION['usernameonline'] == ""){
        $username = "";
        $username = $_REQUEST['username'];
        $query = NULL;
        $query = "select image,username,fullname,email,phone,status from member where username <> 'admin'";
        $result = mysql_query($query);



    <?php echo $row['status'];?>
    <a id="status" href="control/dobanunban.php?username=<?php 
    echo $row['username'];
    echo $row['status'];

        echo "Unban now!";}
    else{ echo "Ban now!";}

And this in my dobanunban.php:


    $username = $_REQUEST['username'];
    $status = $_REQUEST['status'];

        $query1 = "update  member SET  Status =  'banned' WHERE  username='$username';";
        header("location:../listmembers.php?err=Success ban member");
    }else if($status=="banned"){
        $query2 = "update  member SET  Status =  'unbanned' WHERE  username='$username';";
        header("location:../listmembers.php?err=Success unban member");

Looks like the $status didn't get the value from listmembers.php echo. What's my mistake? And what should I do?

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i smell sql injection... –  ThiefMaster May 17 '13 at 12:19

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    <a id="status" href="control/dobanunban.php?username=<?php echo $row['username']; ?>

    //you missed it here

<?php echo $row['status'];?>">
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you have missed to add status parameter in the URL:

<a id="status" href="control/dobanunban.php?username=<?php echo $row['username']; ?>&status=<?php echo $row['status'];?>">
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Thank you! It works. Sorry I'm still noob at this stuff. –  noobprogrammer May 17 '13 at 12:24
You'r welcome @noobprogrammer :) –  Jaid07 May 17 '13 at 12:28

You forgot to specify there is two different parameters in your URL, so $_REQUEST['status'] isn't set, thus the Notice.

You should modify this :

<a id="status" href="control/dobanunban.php?username=<?php 
echo $row['username'];
echo $row['status'];

To this :

<a id="status" href="control/dobanunban.php?username=
<?php echo $row['username'];?>
<?php echo $row['status'];

EDIT : When using global variables in PHP, like $_GET, $_POST, $_REQUEST, $SESSION, etc, you should check if they are set, with if(isset($.....)) !

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Thank you! It works. Sorry I'm still noob at this stuff. –  noobprogrammer May 17 '13 at 12:25

Try like &status=<?php echo $row['status'];?> as in below

 id="status" href="control/dobanunban.php?username=<&php  echo $row['username'];?>&status=<&php echo $row['status'];?>
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Make sure you wrap your $_POST or $_GET values in isset():

$status = isset($_REQUEST['status']) ? strip_tags($_REQUEST['status']) : false;

if($status===false){ /* An error occured, status is not defined */ }

Also a few handy suggestions:

  1. Make sure your code is properly escapes
  2. Try to avoid using native mysql_* functions, try mysqli or PDO for database querying.


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