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Iam trying to calculate multiple values with my own function from a dataframe. The function currently returns only one value in a dataframe. It seems my for loop is not working correctly. I've also tried to put the results in a new list...

My dataframe:

     A         B         C          D          E 

ES  -0.03    -0.08     -0.07      -0.03      -0.11

My function:

w <- function(x){
    for(i in 1:length(x)) 
        return( (1/x[i]) / (sum(1/x)) )

The formula is correct because of the result. Does anyone have a solutions for my problem? Thanks!

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It's not entirely clear what you're trying to calculate. In the denominator, do you want to sum up values down each column, or across each row? –  Hong Ooi May 17 '13 at 12:33

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You shouldn't use a for loop, but vectorize your function and apply it directly to your vector. Something like this :

R> v <- c(-0.03, -0.08, -0.07, -0.03, -0.11)
R> (1/v)/sum(1/v)
[1] 0.32506596 0.12189974 0.13931398 0.32506596 0.08865435
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It worked perfectly! Thanks –  dansan566 May 17 '13 at 13:05

Juba's answer solves this problem but if you want to return multiple distinct objects from a function you can actually do that, too:

f <- function(x) {
  m.x <- mean(x)
  sd.x <- sd(x)
  return(list(Mean = m.x, SD = sd.x))
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