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I pass collection.toJSON() as an argument to underscore template.

render: function() {

Inside the application router it gets initialized like that:

var productsList, products = new Products();
var p = products.fetch({ type: 'POST' });
p.done(function() {
    productsList = new ProductsList({ collection: products });

Then how do I reference the collection inside the template?

<% _.each(collection, function(p) { %>
        <td><%= p.price %></td>        
<% }); %>

When I tried it with both products/collection variables exceptions were raised saying that I used an unknown identifier.

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I think you need to change render() function.

render: function() { 
        collection: this.collection.toJSON()
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I used {products: this.collection.toJSON()} ;) – lexeme May 17 '13 at 13:53

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