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Is there an alternate way that migrates all parameters implicit? Or any other advantages.

From MSDN:

public void Profile_OnMigrateAnonymous(object sender, ProfileMigrateEventArgs args)
  ProfileCommon anonymousProfile = Profile.GetProfile(args.AnonymousID);

  Profile.ZipCode = anonymousProfile.ZipCode;
  Profile.CityAndState = anonymousProfile.CityAndState;
  Profile.StockSymbols = anonymousProfile.StockSymbols;

  // Delete the anonymous profile. If the anonymous ID is not 
  // needed in the rest of the site, remove the anonymous cookie.


  // Delete the user row that was created for the anonymous user.
  Membership.DeleteUser(args.AnonymousID, true);


Or is this the best/only way ?

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This is the way to go. But I would suggest a generalization. Instead of hardcoding each property you could loop through the ProfileBase.Properties collection. Something along these lines:

var anonymousProfile = Profile.GetProfile(args.AnonymousID);
foreach(var property in anonymousProfile.PropertyValues)
    Profile.SetPropertyValue(property.Name, property.PropertyValue);

Since property groups are represented as part of the property names (e.g. "Settings.Theme" represents the Theme property within the Settings group) the above code should also work with property groups.

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Would this also take groups of properties? –  Thomas Sandberg Dec 14 '09 at 12:26

Did I understand your question correctly?

Migrating Profile Properties During Log On


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Yes, But this the only way to do it? Is there, let's say a more implicit way to migrate? –  Thomas Sandberg Dec 13 '09 at 13:23

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