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I would like to have internationalized urls for a better user experience (All in intranets, so no SEO to worry about).

So basically i would like URLS like this (in this example, english, dutch and french):


The /nl/ part is no problem at all and described all over SO and the internet. But my problem is with routing to the controllers and actions.

Currently i have extended from the default router and used Zend_Translate to translate everything to english and have controllers and actions based on the english names.

However i keep having the feeling that there should be a better way to do this. Does anyone know if there are standard components in zend framework for this or had perhaps already created something like this before.


PHP 5.4.4
Zend Framework 1.11.10
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You don't have to copy your controllers. I've done it this way:

$translate = new Zend_Translate(
    'adapter' => 'array',
    'content' => 'PATH_TO_LANGUAGES/en_url.php',
    'locale'  => 'en'

  'content' => 'PATH_TO_LANGUAGES/nl_url.php',
  'locale' => 'nl'



The language files look like this: You can translate controllers or actions. But I don't know if you can translate query params, too.

// en_url.php
return array(
  'products' => 'products',

// nl_url.php
return array(
  'products' => 'producten',

Read more about it here.

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I could not find the existance of setDefaultTranslator. So i did the translation work myself by extending the router. This indeed makes it a lot cleaner. tnx! – nvanesch May 17 '13 at 14:32
@nvanesch I've inserted a link, so that you can read more about it. – bitWorking May 17 '13 at 14:35

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