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Do you know any university which has its C++ course available online? I'm looking for something similar to MIT-style online lectures (lecture notes, projects and examples, assignments, exams, solutions and video content).

This is what I've found on MIT, but id doesn't have video content.

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I don't know about C++ specifically, but in terms of video lectures on programming concepts, check out this:

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The Stanford Programming Abstractions course (CS106B) is available as "open courseware" including rather low resolution videos. It is meant as a second programming course after their introductory programming course and is taught in C++:

Programming Abstractions in C++

It is sort of an introduction to C++ programming course and a data structures and algorithms course rolled into one. Their introductory programming course which generally precedes this one is taught in Java.

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Check out:

It is relatively new and there are plenty of universities with several courses.

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use iTunes U search for the course in the stanford they have a course on itunes for c++

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Most universities will be quite protective of such things. I suspect the best thing to do would be to A) find a project you want to work on and B) buy a very good book.

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MIT does this already for a lot of his course : – dole doug Nov 2 '09 at 19:11

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