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Here is my need

BSTR l_strArgs;

How to convert BSTR to LPCWSTR ?

Is there any header only library that coverts any string type(microsoft) to LPCWSTR type ?

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Just cover NULL scenario and you're good to go

BSTR l_strArgs;
LPCWSTR sth = strArgs ? strArgs : L"";

As you mentioned ATL in the tag, here is ATL-style one-liner:


or, to make sure you are staying in Unicode domain:

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I just found this one

BSTR l_strArgs;
CString cs(_com_util::ConvertBSTRToString(l_strArg));
sth = cs;
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BSTRs become easier to handle when you use a wrapper like _bstr_t instead. Here's the microsoft documentation on them http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/library/zthfhkd6%28v=VS.100%29.aspx

As you would expect, one of the _bstr_t constructors takes a BSTR parameter. There is also an operator to return a const wchar_t* which you should be able to cast to LPCWSTR.

Hope this helps

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