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I need a regex for the string which contains in order:

  • alphabets
  • a special character
  • date (dd/mm/yy)


Payments - received by 04/13/13 

Could any one help me out on this? I tried the following [a-z]* - [a-z]* 99/99/99 but it is not working.

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pattern = Pattern.compile("[a-zA-Z]* - [a-zA-Z]* [0-9]{2}/[0-9]{2}/[0-9]{2}");
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Thank you Luksch –  user2394281 May 17 '13 at 14:44
you are welcome –  luksch May 17 '13 at 15:41

Try replacing the 9s with ds, d is a placeholder for [0-9]. Also [a-z] is not equal to [A-Za-z].

Of course this will still match invalid dates like the 35th of the 99th month

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Almost, but there are a couple issues:

  • [a-z] only matches lower case characters. You can use \w for any number/letter, or just [a-zA-Z] for lower and upper case characters.
  • To get spaces in there, you can either use [\w ] or [a-zA-Z ] (notice extra space at the end)
  • the 9 matches literally the character 9. You can use \d to match any digit.

Try this instead:

[a-zA-z ]* - [a-zA-Z ]* \d{2}/\d{2}/\d{2}
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I don't think you can have a space in the [] –  luksch May 17 '13 at 14:29
Seems ok? ideone.com/0fh5aR –  Lily May 17 '13 at 14:42

Try using this regular expression in Java:

Pattern pat = Pattern.compile(".+ - .+\\d\\d/\\d\\d/\\d\\d");

To check if the string matches:

String str = "Payments - received by 04/13/13";
Matcher m = p.matcher(str);
if (m.find())
    System.out.println("the string matches!");
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Thank you Oscar.. It is working.. –  user2394281 May 17 '13 at 14:38

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