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I have a Rails app that has the following models. The empgroup is for a many-to-many relationship between workgroup and employee.


  has_many :empgroups
  has_many :workgroups, through: :empgroups


  belongs_to :employee
  belongs_to :workgroup


  has_many :empgroups
  has_many :employees, through: :empgroups
  has_many :workorders

I would like an index list of workorders assigned to workgroups that an employee belongs to.

I was hoping this would work, but it didn't:

current_user.employee.workgroups.workorders.each do

It gave me:

undefined method `workorders'

So, I'm trying a joins, but it doesn't work either:

Workorders.joins(:workgroups => :employees).where(employee_id = current_user.employee).each do


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You need to collect the workgroups and iterate through all workorders:

current_user.employee.workgroups.each |group| do
  group.workorders.each do
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Thanks - that works! –  DBurton May 17 '13 at 15:04

Edit - ugh, what was I thinking.

Like this:

@employee_workorders = Workorder.joins(workgroups: employees).where(employees: { id: current_user.employee })


should give you an array of the workorders.

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