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is there any option to increase bar chart as animation from 0 to ?

bars.animate({'stroke':"#FF0"},1000); this can change attributes. Actually I need to change value of bar chart height and also change label when increase which didn't find yet :(

var svgWidth = 400;
var svgHeight = 450;
var r = Raphael('overview');
var barBorder = {stroke: '#000', 'stroke-width':1};
r.setViewBox(0, 0, svgWidth, svgHeight, false);

r.setSize('100%', '100%');
var colors = [ "#999", "#B2B2B2", "#CCC"];
data4 = [[83], [72], [43]];
data2 = [[13], [22], [20]];

var bars = r.barchart(50, 20, 250, 150, data4, {colors: colors, 'gutter': '-1%'}).bars.attr(barBorder);//.hover(fin, fout);

var unicorn = r.path("M350 150 H10 V10").attr({stroke: "#000","stroke-width": 1});



Thanks in advance

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Finally changed barchart() to rect()

here is my solution http://jsfiddle.net/sweetmaanu/sqnXM/

// Create options object that specifies the rectangle
var PatientBar1 = { width: 100,height: 200,x: 0,y: 0}
var PatientBar2 = { width: 100,height: 180,x: 100,y: 20}
var PatientBar3 = { width: 100,height: 120,x: 200,y: 80}
var speed = 2000;
// Create new raphael object
var patient01 = new Raphael('patient02-mobile', 300, 300);
 * Create rectangle object with y-position at bottom by setting it to the specified height,
 * also give the rectangle a height of '0' to make it invisible before animation starts
var rect1 = patient01.rect(PatientBar1.x, PatientBar1.height, PatientBar1.width, 0).attr({fill: '#999', stroke:'#000'});
var rect2 = patient01.rect(PatientBar2.x, 200, PatientBar2.width, 0).attr({fill: '#B2B2B2', stroke:'#000'});
var rect3 = patient01.rect(PatientBar3.x, 200, PatientBar3.width, 0).attr({fill: '#CCC', stroke:'#000'});

 * Animate the rectangle from bottom up by setting the height to the earlier specified
 * height and by setting the y-position to the top of the rectangle
var anim1 = rect1.animate({
}, speed);
var anim2 = Raphael.animation({
}, speed);
var anim3 = Raphael.animation({
}, speed);

Please post answer if anybody find solution :)

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