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I have this XPath expression which works to filter rows with a Contains wildcard string

But I would like it to return ALL rows initially, when search is null or empty. And I need to do it in line if at all possible.

[contains(translate(concat(' ',@Title,' '),$upper,$lower),$search)]

Note that if I pass a " " to $search all rows are returned. But I don't user to have to that.

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             [contains(translate(concat(' ',@Title,' '),$upper,$lower),$search)])


             [contains(translate(concat(' ',@Title,' '),$upper,$lower),$search)] 

This expression is the union ( | ) of two subexpressions one of which selects nothing, and the other selects either the result of the search, if non-empty, or all the elements.

More generally, to get all nodes selected by expr1 when a condition cond is true() and to get all nodes selected by expr2, when cond is false(), do :

expr1[cond] | expr2[not(cond)]
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