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I have the following MySQL query.

  SELECT user_id
         SUM(reached = 'Y') AS reached_count,
         SUM(reached = 'N') AS not_reached_count
    FROM goals
GROUP BY user_id

In table goals I have around 2 million entries. The query takes around 45 seconds to execute.

The heavy part seems to be SUM(reached = 'Y') which is taking quite long. I compared it with COUNT(*) which was indeed much faster, but was not distinguishing between Y and N.

EDIT: reached is of type ENUM('Y','N')

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Try adding an index on user_id, reached, then try the query:

SELECT user_id, reached, count(*)
FROM goals
GROUP BY user_id, reached
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+1 this is so obvious and i missed it... and if he wants the data pivoted he can do it using this as the sub query – Stephan May 17 '13 at 15:10
Have tried it, but this query was even slower somehow. I created the index on both fields. – Aley May 21 '13 at 17:18

The heavy part is the GROUP BY user_id especially if you have a lot of users so i suggest to add ORDER BY NULL which will help a little , you can read more here

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