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so i just started using webstorm & phpstorm. i use head.js is almost all my larger javascript apps. in my main.html file i use a script tag to load head.js, and pass all the other js files i need loaded into it. when my real app.js file is loaded i use the head.ready method to auto run my init code.

   //code here

well jslint/jshint cannot resolve the head object to anything so it throws an error in all my files. i did some research and i found under: file >> settings >> javascript >> libraries you can enable libraries into the global or local context of your project.

i enabled this for jQuery (a default choice) and it works great! they dont have a predefined option for head.js, so i tired to add it myself. under the add menu you browse for the file and "attach" it. after doing this process a few times (i tied a few different scopes) i'm still having no luck.

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Sounds like a jslint/jshint config issue more than a "libraries" issue. From what I understand, defining libraries simply helps provide autocomplete for dynamically loaded scripts.

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