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On top of Visual Studio 2012, I created a standalone WCF service to be hosted in a separate IIS Server. It will connect to Oracle DB. Inside that WCF, I implemented EF 5.0 and connected to Oracle and pulled the required 5 tables to maintain SimpleMembership. There are the POCO classes, etc

I created a global.asax where in Applicaton_Start where I implemented the command:

WebSecurity.InitializeDatabaseConnection("SimpleMembershipEntities", "USERPROFILE", "USERID", "USERNAME", autoCreateTables: false);

I'm keeping it simple for testing purposes. I set it to false because Microsoft isn't exactly friendly when creating tables in Oracle. So I prebuilt the tables.

Upon running the WCF, the applicaton says it cannot find USERPROFILE tables.

Has anyone succeeded in creating a SimpleMembership in WCF as a remote host against Oracle? It's tough to find corresponding documentation on this subject.


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