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With the release of Android's new Google Play Game Services the other day, I wanted to implement the leaderboard they had. After reading here, am I reading it correctly that it is not possible to let the user submit multiples scores to one leaderboard? It seems so from reading but that is disappointing if that is true. I am hoping I am just reading it incorrectly or there is another link somewhere that lets me implement what I need!

My question is if there is a way to use Android's new Game Services leaderobard where the user can submit multiples scores to 1 leaderboard and not just have the leaderboard store the highest score the user has gotten.

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There is no point submitting multiple scores to a leaderboard.

This is what the documentation says

The game services checks if this score is better than the player's current leaderboard entry for the daily, weekly, or all-time score. If it is, the game services updates the corresponding leaderboards with the new score.

Why do you want to submit multiple scores to one leaderboard ?

If you have different levels you can create different leaderboards for that.

Games can have multiple leaderboards, up to a maximum of 100. For example, a multi-level game might provide a different leaderboard for each level, and a racing game might have a separate leaderboard for each track.

Solution for your Comment

The game services sends a score report back to the game client. This report tells the client whether this is a new daily, weekly, or all-time high score. If it isn't, the game services will tell the client what the current daily, weekly, or all-time high score is for this player.

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The thing is right now I have SwarmConnect's leaderboard and I am not 100% pleased with it but they do allow me to have users submit as many times to a leaderboard as they want. I feel like I would now upset my users if I switch it so they can only submit one score to each leaderboard. – Matt May 17 '13 at 16:50
1. Users are not submitting the scroe on their own with this Google Api. Read my Answer and you'll know that. – Ishan Khanna May 17 '13 at 16:54

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