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I am trying to write test cases for controllers of an Ember (v1.0.0-rc.3) Application using Mocha and Chai. One of my controller is making use of another controller as follows

App.ABCController = Em.ObjectController.extend({
  needs: ['application'],

  welcomeMSG: function () {
    return 'Hi, ' + this.get('controllers.application.name');

I wrote testCase as below:

  describe 'ABCController', ->
  expect = chai.expect
  App = require '../support/setup'
  abcController = null

  before ->
    ApplicationController = require 'controllers/application_controller'
    ABCController = require 'controllers/abc_controller'
    applicationController = ApplicationController.create()
    abcController = ABCController.create()

  describe '#welcomeMSG', ->
    it 'should return Hi, \'user\'.', ->
      msg = abcController.get('welcomeMSG')
      expect(msg).to.be.equal('Hi, '+ applicationController.get('name'))

support/setup file is as follows
Em.testing = true
App = null
Em.run ->
  App = Em.Application.create()
module.exports = App

Now whenever i try to run testcase i face error

    "Before all" hook:
TypeError: Cannot call method 'has' of null
    at verifyDependencies (http://localhost:3333/test/scripts/ember.js:27124:20)
    at Ember.ControllerMixin.reopen.init (http://localhost:3333/test/scripts/ember.js:27141:9)
    at superWrapper [as init] (http://localhost:3333/test/scripts/ember.js:1044:16)
    at new Class (http://localhost:3333/test/scripts/ember.js:10632:15)
    at Function.Mixin.create.create (http://localhost:3333/test/scripts/ember.js:10930:12)
    at Function.Ember.ObjectProxy.reopenClass.create (http://localhost:3333/test/scripts/ember.js:11756:24)
    at Function.superWrapper (http://localhost:3333/test/scripts/ember.js:1044:16)
    at Context.eval (test/controllers/abc_controller_test.coffee:14:47)
    at Hook.Runnable.run (test/vendor/scripts/mocha-1.8.2.js:4048:32)
    at next (test/vendor/scripts/mocha-1.8.2.js:4298:10)

Please help me to resolve this issue. I will appreciate if someone provide me few links where i can study for latest ember.js application testing with mocha and chai.

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should this line not read expect(msg).to.equal('Hi, '+ applicationController.get('name'))? What I mean is using to.equal instead of to.be.equal –  intuitivepixel May 17 '13 at 17:38

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Reading trough the docs I guess your problem is that your expect fails due to this to.be.equal. Try changing the assertion chain to this:

expect(msg).to.equal('Hi, '+ applicationController.get('name'))


After reading your comment I guess the problem in your case is that when you do Ember.testing = true is equivalent to the before needed App.deferReadiness(), so it' obviously necessary to 'initialize' your App before using it, this is done with App.initialize() inside your global before hook. And lastly you call App.reset() inside your beforeEach hook's.

Please check also this blog post for more info on the update that introduced this change.

Hope it helps

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Thanks, But this is not solution to my problem, It's with ember. –  user2394595 May 18 '13 at 0:50
maybe you are missing App.initialize() instead of App.reset()? Because if you use Ember.testing = true you need to call App.initialize() directly in the global before hook. App.reset() is what you then call inside your before each hook. –  intuitivepixel May 18 '13 at 7:52

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