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I am currently using the Play Framework but there seems to be rather little information regarding Forms.

At the moment I got something that looks like this: The route is:

GET /test  controllers.Application.testMethod()

The method:

public static Result testMethod(){
   //handles the Form

The NameResidencePair class:

public static class NameResidencePair{
   public String name;
   public String residence; 

The scala.html page featuring a form

@(aForm: Form[NameResidencePair])

@import helper._
@form(action = routes.Application.testMethod) {

field = userForm("name")

field = userForm("residence")

What if I still want a form but one of the values, like residence, is always the same value. Example: residence = "On a cloud". I still want to pass it via the form but I don't want a textfield. So in other words, I want to pass a form with name and residence but only the name should be editable and visible in an inputfield.

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The obvious solution is a hidden form field:

<input type="hidden" name="residence" value="On a cloud">

There is no form template helper for creating a hidden field, but pasting that line into your code should not be too much work. :-)

But please not, just because it's hidden, you cannot assume that the value will always be "On a cloud". This just means "the form field is a hidden one", the user can still send an arbitrary value. So please still check the user input.

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