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I am not really a programmer. I am a newbie.

Can you guys please help me with a windows batch file that will run a computer test?

  • Detect any hard drives then run a chkdisk on them
  • Detect any usb port
  • Detect any flash drive plug in the pc
  • Check the display pixels

I have started with this to detect the USB but somehow getting some errors

@echo off

setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion
set PNPDeviceID=4002FDCCE0E4D094
set Q='wmic diskdrive where "interfacetype='USB' and PNPDeviceID like '%%%PNPDeviceID%%%'" assoc /assocclass:Win32_DiskDriveToDiskPartition'
echo %Q%
for /f "tokens=2,3,4,5 delims=,= " %%a in (%Q%) do (
  set hd=%%a %%b, %%c %%d
  call :_LIST_LETTER !hd!)
goto :_END

(echo %1 |find  "Disk ") >nul|| goto :_EOF 
for /f "tokens=3 delims==" %%a in ('WMIC Path Win32_LogicalDiskToPartition  ^|find %1') do set TMP_letter=%%a
set Part_letter=%TMP_letter:~1,2% 
echo %Part_letter% %1
goto :_EOF

:: *** end
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A good first step would be to tell us what those errors are. –  hammar May 17 '13 at 19:57
Detecting flash drives is no easy matter with batch script. I have tried it many times and never truly succeeded. I would say it is beyond the scope of help in a simple question like this. –  djangofan Jul 5 '13 at 17:00
"Check the display pixels" = get the current display resolution? –  meatspace Jan 9 at 15:47

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I would recommend trying

chkdsk volume=C:\ D:\ E:\ F:\

each as a separate volume

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