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I populate a Firebase object to have 200 key/value pairs, then display it using ng-repeat. The relevant code is:

  <li ng-repeat='(n, inst) in db.instances'>Instance {{n}}: {{inst.status}}</li>

<script type='text/javascript'>
  angular.module('blah', ['firebase']).controller(
    'BlahCtrl', function BlahCtrl($scope, angularFire) {
      angularFire('https://blahblahblah.firebaseio.com/', $scope, 'db', {});

Loading the page appears to delete the first 100 key/value pairs.

How do I prevent this behavior?

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I saw this and was reminded of a discussion suggesting that one use angularFireCollection in this case, instead of angularFire. I couldn't find that discussion thread, though. So take that with a grain of salt. –  Kato May 17 '13 at 19:31

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You can pass in either a url or a Firebase ref instance into angularFire() or angularFireCollection(). So create a Firebase instance first and set the limit() to what you want, then pass it in instead of the direct url.

The docs state that this version of limit() returns a Firebase instance, and a quick test shows it works. You also have to call startAt() first before calling limit().

I got something like this to work:

angular.module('blah', ['firebase']).controller(
  'BlahCtrl', function BlahCtrl($scope, angularFire) {
    var ref = new Firebase('https://blahblahblah.firebaseio.com/').startAt().limit(200);
    angularFire(ref, $scope, 'db', {});
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