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Kind of a noob to coding, but I've been creating Pacman for a computer science class, and for some reason, I cannot get my audio to work.

Basically, here is the just of what I have written.

public void paint(Graphics g) 
    //.... a lot of other stuff

My PlayAudio method:

public void PlayAudio()
        Clip clickClip = AudioSystem.getClip();
        File filePath = new File("opening.wav");
        AudioInputStream ais = AudioSystem.getAudioInputStream(filePath);
    catch (Exception e) 

It compile and executes, but the audio file does not play. Thanks for the help!

I have confirmed that my opening.wav:

  1. Is a .wav file.
  2. Has the right name.
  3. Is in the same directory.
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Java 7 include new classes to play audio. Media and MediaPlayer. Example:

String media = "media.mp3";
Media hit = new Media(media);
MediaPlayer mediaPlayer = new MediaPlayer(hit);

you need this libreries :

import javafx.scene.media.Media;
import javafx.scene.media.MediaPlayer;
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