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I'm using phantomjs to take a screen capture of a "Proposal" that my application creates. This is all going great, it exports to PDF fine.

When I print from PDF, I need to add margin top and margin bottom for EVERY page. Is there any form of CSS print property for this?

For instance, once the content of a page flows into the next page, it starts RIGHT at the top of the page. I need to have margin top here to solve that. Likewise for margin bottom.

enter image description here

See the grey bar going through my content? Thats where the page break is taking place. I need to add margin after the grey bar, and before it.


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Ended up answering this myself if anyone is curious, Phantom JS comes with the option to add margins.

var marginTop = "75px";
var marginBottom = "85px";

page.paperSize = {
    format: 'A4',
    margin: {
            top: marginTop,
            bottom: marginBottom
    orientation: 'portrait'};
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