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I am trying to create a new variable using a loop that searches across 14 columns and returns a 1 if the string is present in any of the 14 columns and returns a 0 if it is not present in any of the 14 columns. The following code works but is quite tedious, I'm hoping someone knows of a more efficient method.

Working code:

IntellDis <- for (i in 1:2189){
  if(New$Diagnosis1[i]=="Intellectual disabilities [6543]" | 
     New$Diagnosis2[i]=="Intellectual disabilities [6543]" |
     New$Diagnosis13[i]=="Intellectual disabilities [6543]" |
     New$Diagnosis14[i]=="Intellectual disabilities [6543]")
  if(New$Diagnosis1[i]!="Intellectual disabilities [6543]" &&    
     New$Diagnosis2[i]!="Intellectual disabilities [6543]" &&
     New$Diagnosis13[i]!="Intellectual disabilities [6543]" &&
     New$Diagnosis14[i]!="Intellectual disabilities [6543]")

Clearly this is quite tedious...

I thought something like this might work:

IntellDis <- for (i in 1:2189){
  if(New[c(4:17)][i]=="Intellectual disabilities [6543]")
  if(New[c(4:17)][i]!="Intellectual disabilities [6543]")

But I get the following error:

Error in `[.data.frame`(New[c(4:17)], i) : undefined columns selected

Any suggestions are much appreciated! Thanks!

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Any particular language? –  Scott Hunter May 17 '13 at 20:25
Sorry I should have mentioned that -- R :) –  user2395320 May 17 '13 at 22:54
For anyone who is interested, I got this figured out and thought I'd share in case someone else comes across the same issue... The above code just needed a little tweaking: IntellDis <- for (i in 1:nrow(New)){ if("Intellectual disabilities [6543]" %in% New[i, 4:17]) {New$IntellDis[i]=1} else{New$IntellDis[i]=0} } –  user2395320 Jul 12 '13 at 19:24

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