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I have a Perl script that is calling a JAR file...

exec("$java_path/java -jar testjar.jar");

In the code I have a situation where the JAR file exits on a error (as intended). When I run the command on the Windows or Unix command line, the return code is "1". However, when I run the Perl script that calls the JAR, on Unix I get "1" but on Windows I get "0" (no error).

Note: On Windows I used "echo %errorlevel%" to get the return code immediately after running the JAR/script. On Unix I used "echo $?".

Why does this work on Unix but not on Windows?

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I can reproduce:

>perl -e"exec 'perl -eexit(1)' or die"


I would call that a bug in Perl. Keep in mind that exec is a unix concept which has no parallel in Windows. The emulation apparently doesn't propagate the exit code. Workaround:

 use POSIX qw( _exit );

 if ($^O eq 'MSWin32') {
     _exit($? >> 8);
 } else {

Which is basically what exec does anyway.

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Thank you, that works perfectly – Cameron Jones May 19 '13 at 12:53

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