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I'm currently using the sun preverifier to preverify my MIDlet. I'm finding that it can be a bit slow, doesnt give any decent error messages and is only available as a windows exe.

Are there any better preverifiers around that will work cross platform (linux specifically)

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Actually there is also a linux version of WTK (from Sun) and I am using it every day on Ubuntu. Can't really comment on the speed.

About Proguard preverification - for some reasons this does not work, for me, on some jars and I have not been able to figure out why. Running 'preverified' jar with WTK emulator throws preverification errors.

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Proguard can preverify jar files. I guess you could disable the obfuscation if you didn't want that and just preverify with it.

It's a java application so it should run on Linux too.

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