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Ok, I'm baffled. I am trying to set up a rails/backbons SPA. I am following along with this railscast:

I get this error from the browser when trying to access the root page:

ExecJS::RuntimeError in Main#index

Showing /Users/Eamon/raffle/raffler/app/views/layouts/application.html.erb where line #6      raised:

SyntaxError: unexpected }
  (in /Users/Eamon/raffle/raffler/app/assets/javascripts/backbone/models/

Extracted source (around line #6):

3: <head>
4:   <title>Raffler</title>
5:   <%= stylesheet_link_tag    "application", :media => "all" %>
6:   <%= javascript_include_tag "application" %>
7:   <%= csrf_meta_tags %>
8: </head>
9: <body>

Here is my code - I only got a few minutes into the video.

#= require_self
#= require_tree ./templates
#= require_tree ./models
#= require_tree ./views
#= require_tree ./routers

window.Raffler =
  Models: {}
  Collections: {}
  Routers: {}
  Views: {}
  init: -> 
    new Raffle.Routers.Entries()

$(document).ready ->

class Raffler.Routers.EntriesRouter extends Backbone.Router
  initialize: (options) ->
    @entries = new Raffler.Collections.EntriesCollection()
    @entries.reset options.entries

    "new"      : "newEntry"
    ''         : 'index'
    ":id/edit" : "edit"
    ":id"      : "show"

  newEntry: ->
    @view = new Raffler.Views.Entries.NewView(collection: @entries)

  index: ->
    alert "home page"

  show: (id) ->
    entry = @entries.get(id)

    @view = new Raffler.Views.Entries.ShowView(model: entry)

  edit: (id) ->
    entry = @entries.get(id)

    @view = new Raffler.Views.Entries.EditView(model: entry)

I know most of the above code is irrelevant at this point in the was all created by the scaffold generator - I figured I didn't have to delete anything.

class Raffler.Models.Entry extends Backbone.Model
  paramRoot: 'entry'


class Raffler.Collections.EntriesCollection extends Backbone.Collection
  model: Raffler.Models.Entry
  url: '/entries'

The above file is where I think the error is occurring. I just can't seem to find a syntax error anywhere. I noticed in the code that goes with the railscast on the cast page, that just has

class Raffler.Models.Entry extends Backbone.Model

I tried deleting everything but that line for the file - when I go to the root just says "Loading...," which is just a reflection of the code used as a placeholder for before the app initializes.

Maybe a fresh pair of eyes...


I found someone with a similar issue here:

rails: backbone-on-rails gem-

After seeing this and a few other related posts...I tried deleting the //=require_tree . line from application.js. A few other posts say it needs to be at the bottom...but mine already was, so that isn't the problem either. Incase it is relevant, here is my application.js file:

// This is a manifest file that'll be compiled into application.js, which will include all the files
// listed below.
// Any JavaScript/Coffee file within this directory, lib/assets/javascripts, vendor/assets/javascripts,
// or vendor/assets/javascripts of plugins, if any, can be referenced here using a relative path.
// It's not advisable to add code directly here, but if you do, it'll appear at the bottom of the
// the compiled file.
//= require jquery
//= require jquery_ujs
//= require underscore
//= require backbone
//= require backbone_rails_sync
//= require backbone_datalink
//= require backbone/raffler
//= require_tree .
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yah...that was a typo in my is properly indented in my code. I just edited the post to fix it. – ewizard May 17 '13 at 21:45

Checking your code in "Try Coffeescript" on, I get the same error.

Adding {} to defaults: cleared the error and now renders correctly.

class Raffler.Models.Entry extends Backbone.Model
  paramRoot: 'entry'

  defaults: {}

class Raffler.Collections.EntriesCollection extends Backbone.Collection
  model: Raffler.Models.Entry
  url: '/entries'
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it got rid of the error...but according to the railscast a popup should be displayed that says "home page". This doesn't happen. when i put your code in to "Try Coffescript" and hit "run" it tells me: ReferenceError: Raffler is not defined – ewizard May 17 '13 at 21:28

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