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We are using Backbone views to enhance our app, and the architecture of our application dictates that we attach our views to existing DOM elements.

We recently encountered a situation in which it is necessary to detach a Backbone view from a DOM element without removing the DOM element itself. Thus, we cannot use View.remove() since it will in turn invoke this.$el.remove();

I had originally created the following method for detaching the view, but I am concerned that I may be causing a memory leak:

detach: function() {

This effectively replaces the View's element with empty jQuery object, and it unbinds all Backbone events. However, it occurred to me that jQuery might be storing a reference to the new empty object. I am not entirely clear on jQuery's internals so I can't comment on the effectiveness of this method.

I then modified the method as follows:

detach: function() {
  this.el = null;
  this.$el = null;

I think this better achieves the desired result as it removes all references to the DOM and to jQuery. I am not 100% confident in this approach, so I was wondering how others have handled this scenario.

Does this method seem sound? Is there a better way to achieve this?

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Extend the View and override remove so that it no longer calls this.$el.remove();


var EnhanceView = Backbone.View.extend({
 remove: function() {
  return this;

should be as simple as that.

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Will this view get cleaned up by the garbage collector since it still has a reference to a jQuery element? –  just_wes May 17 '13 at 22:01
Deleting references is never going to hurt. But I cannot say for certain how the GC will handle his (and don't have the time to find out). I would say use the delete on .$el and use the remove method to stay more inline with the original Backbone flow. –  Morgan ARR Allen May 17 '13 at 22:09
I think you'd need to undelegateEvents as well, otherwise there will still be a jQuery on attached to the view's el. –  mu is too short May 17 '13 at 22:10

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