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I am under rvm.
I have god.
It starts resque.
Resque job opens an IO.popen to the local system program, sends it some text, gets some text back from the stream, analyses it a bit, closes the IO.

So: when I run resque as rake resque:work — it's ok, everything works.
When I start resque from god run from user, it works.

Now I have made god working from init.d, made rvm wrapper, start it as sudo... So now the communication with IO is somehow broken. Resque failed web-report says

Unexpected response format
/home/dakemen/.rvm/gems/ruby-2.0.0-p0/bundler/gems/go_gtp-5cd5a4de65cb/lib/go/gtp.rb:451:in `send_command'

I have some other resque jobs, that do not do anything with IO. They work.

The gem I use to open IO to the local application is




So, all resque workers are started as sudo. Ok. And the worker refers to gnugo.

user$ gnugo
GNU Go 3.8 and so on works great

user$ sudo gnugo
sudo: gnugo: command not found (WHY?)

user$ sudo echo $PATH
.......... /usr/games:/usr/local/games
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I just don't rely on the PATH, opening an IO, but give full path to the service being run as IO stream.

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