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In Eclipse when you hover your mouse over a method, a window would appear with a description of what the method does, what the parameters mean and what it returns. Is there a way to get Android Studio to do the same thing?

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The easiest and the most straightforward way:

You can activate it by going to: Preferences > Editor > Show doc on mouse move:


Other ways:

  • You can go into your IntelliJ's bin folder and search for idea.properties. Add this line to the document:


    Now you'll have the same floating docs window like in Eclipse.

  • You have to press CTRL+Q to see the Javadoc.

    You can pin the window and make the documentation appear every time you select a method with your mouse though.

Android Studio 1.0: You have to hold CTRL if you want to get hold of documentation window for e.g. scrolling documentation otherwise as you move your mouse away from method documentation window will disappear.

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If you use Mac OS X the setting is under - > Android Studio - > Preferences -> Editor - > (Bottom Left) Show quick doc on mouse move –  Paul Brewczynski Dec 5 '13 at 22:07
The CTRL+Q alternative for OS X users is F1. –  Darren Hale Jan 8 '14 at 17:50
very edits, much it works, such thanks –  Christopher Francisco Feb 17 '14 at 19:49
For Mac: CTRL+J –  AlvaroSantisteban Apr 3 '14 at 14:56
+1 Thanks man. Very nice touch! Thanks again. –  Ragnar Jul 6 '14 at 11:53

Yes you can. Go to File -> Settings -> Editor -> Show quick doc on mouse move

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Should be the accepted one! –  ohcibi Oct 28 '13 at 15:11
If you use Mac OS X the setting is under - > Android Studio - > Preferences -> Editor - > (Bottom Left) Show quick doc on mouse move –  Paul Brewczynski Dec 5 '13 at 22:06
the EDIT 2 is the best! –  ingyesid Jan 30 '14 at 16:59

Using windows 7 and Android Studio 1.0.x it took me a while to figure out the steps provided in the answer.
To help further visitors save some time, here is the way I did it:
Go to File -> Settings or press CTRL+ALT+S.
The following window will open and check Show quick doc on mouse move under IDE Settings -> Editor.

Show quick doc

Or just press CTRL and hover your move over your method, class ...

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If you just need a shortcut, then it is Ctrl + Q on linux. Just hover the mouse on the method and press Ctrl + Q to see the doc.

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