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I can not remember what it was that was basically blank, but also worked as a space. It's something like &nlsp; or something like that.

I was using  but I really wanna remember this one. I wish I could word the post better to explain what I'm talking about, but I'm sure someone here understands just by the confusion of &nlsp;

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It is  . You can find out more about it in several online references, such as wikipedia. It stands for non-breaking space.

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It is used for non-line breaking space in html.


having too many consecutive &nbsp; is eye itching and bad. If you want bigger space to be generated then use a <span class="spaceOf5px"> <span>. This is useful only as inline space. For block level, use DIV tag.

/*CSS for Wide Space Class*/

    width: 5px;

    width: 10px;

Remember - there is a space between the span tags.

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&nbsp; is the HTML entity for non-breaking space. No line break will occur between words separated by a non-breaking space even in the cases where a browser would normally perform text wrapping.

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&nbsp; is a Non-Breaking SPace in HTML. Normally in HTML, when multiple spaces separate text, as seen here,

<h3>Before spaces         After spaces</h3>

the browser renders them as only one space:

However, if you use &nbsp;, the browser renders each space as non-breaking:

<h3>Before spaces&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;&nbsp;After spaces</h3>

The spaces do not collapse to one (hence 'non-breaking'). Each space is rendered:

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