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I am developing a application using J2EE and the specifications of project requires SMS based query to some information.

  1. Any user sends a text message in predefined format.
  2. User get a autoresponder about current information.

    I heard about SMSlib but dont know if this library can give me what i want.

Advice please.


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A library does not send SMS. Your first decision is for how to physically send and receive the SMS - you have the choice between building your own Gateway, via GSM modem and SIM card, or using a commercial service provider (e.g. http://message-media.com/ is the first one that Google spit out). SMSlib or other APIs help you with the former. If you use a service, you have to go with the vendor's API.

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Zeep Mobile offers a free SMS with a Short Code but you might want to look into and Aggregator if your planning to high volumes of SMS messaging or Charge a fee for your service.

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