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How can i update multiple values in mysql , this didn't work

 UPDATE test SET list=0,
price= 0.00 cprice= 0.00 WHERE test.id =3232
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you need to put a comma between the two different values. For example:

UPDATE orders 
   SET listPrice = 0
     , bloggerPrice = 0.00
     , customerPrice = 0.00 
WHERE orders.id =245745
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hm.. thanks this woorked forme :-) –  streetparade Nov 2 '09 at 16:16

You're missing a comma:

UPDATE orders SET listPrice = 0, bloggerPrice = 0.00, customerPrice = 0.00 WHERE orders.id = 245745
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UPDATE orders 
SET listprice=0, bloggerPrice=0.00, customerPrice=0.00 
WHERE id=245745
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