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I am using Scala dynamically embedded, and I thought I was smart to save re-interpretation of bits by capturing them in a Function0 of the host program. Approximately like this:

object Code
  def intp: IMain = ???

  object Capture {
    private val vr = new ThreadLocal[() => Any]

    def apply[A](thunk: => A) {
      vr.set(() => thunk)

    def result: () => Any = vr.get()

  def capture(code: String): Future[() => Any] = future {
    blocking {

This "somehow" works, but soon after the JVM goes nuts, basically hangs, produces Perm Gen errors etc. So I must be doing something forbidden. If I do not use the capture mechanism, it all runs smoothly (but I have to re-execute the interpret method over and over again instead of keeping the compiled function), so there is nothing wrong on that end.

I tried to run through a step debugger to see if I find anything suspicious, but no. At some point the program just completely freezes. I also isolated the futures case by launching a separate thread for the compilation with an auxiliary Promise on the main capture block that waits for is completion, that didn't change anything.

Any help is appreciated. Perhaps there is a confusion with class loaders and such? (my IMain does override parentClassLoader to be able to access the host classes).

I had a final intuition that perhaps I should serialize the function in the apply method (writeObject), and then deserialise in the host. But the readObject then produces a

java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: $line1.$read$$iw$$iw$$anonfun$1

Hinting perhaps at the problem beneath?

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