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You are initially given an array of N integers ( 1<=N<=105 ). Given this array, you have to perform 2 kinds of operations :

(i) Operation 1 : Op1( l, r )

You are given 2 integers l and r. ( 1 <= l <= r <= current size of the array ). You need to return the sum of all the elements with indices between l and r ( both inclusive ). That is, if the elements currently in the array are a1, a2, a3.... an, you need to return the following sum : al + al+1 + al+2 ... + ar.

(ii) Operation 2 : Op2( x )

You are given a single integer x ( |x| <= 109 ). Add this element to the beginning of the array. After this operation, x will now become a1, the old a1 will now become a2, and so on. The size of the array will increase by 1.

I made segment tree with the initial given array and could compute range sum....but how i could add one element in segment tree and modify it accordingly?

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For this type of problem you can use Data Structure know as TREAP (Randomized Binary Search Tree). For more info on treap follow this link --

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