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So StackOverflow already helped me getting this far by optimizing my regex to match power calculations in a string:

var regex = /[0-9]+\^[0-9]+/;

At this point it only matches the first one in the string, but I want it to return all the power calculations within that string using:

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replace /[0-9]+\^[0-9]+/ with /[0-9]+\^[0-9]+/g. The g at the end makes it global – d4rkpr1nc3 May 18 '13 at 10:20

Add /g modifier to your pattern to force the global match, like this:


Still, there can be a subtle problem here. Consider this:

var x = '3^4^5',
    r = /[0-9]+\^[0-9]+/g;
x.match(r); // [3^4]

Yes, second power expr is not matched: as regex engine already covered '3^4' part, next match just won't cover 4^5. So you probably need to augment your regex into this:

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You have to use g (global modifier)

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