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In my game the player uses a Rectangle for his bounding box, he can do this because I only need to rotate the player image and not the acctual rectangle but for a eletric beam that one of the bosses have I need to use a Shape because I need to rotate the acctual bounding box and not only the image. The problem is that because I have one Rectangle and one Shape I can't use rectangle.intersect(shape) nor rectangle.intersect((Rectangle)shape) so how would I be able to check the collision between the rectangle and the shape? or is there a way that I can rotate a rectangle on instead of a shape (I use the createTransformedShape instance of an AffineTransform to rotate the shape )?

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Rectangle extends Rectangle2D. Shape has a method called intersects(Rectangle2D) - Sorry, I might be missing something, it's late and I'm overdue for my nice warm bed :P. Rectangle is also a Shape, via Rectangle->Rectangle2D->RectangularShape->Shape. Shape has a method called getBounds which can return a Rectangle (or getBounds2D for a Rectangle2D) –  MadProgrammer May 18 '13 at 12:21
A Rectangle is a Shape. So this source should work. –  Andrew Thompson May 18 '13 at 12:21

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