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How can I program the rc.lua file to enable a keyboard shortcut to move a window from one tag on one screen to a tag that is on a different screen? I know the modkey + shift + [tag number] shortcut, but that moves the window only to a different tag on the same screen.

For example: I want to move a window from the first tag on screen one to the third tag on screen 2 (or at least to the active tag on screen 2).

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I came here expecting an answer for this question. I don't know why was closed, but in any case, in awesome 3.5 I found the answer inspecting the rc.lua file: modkey+O (awful.key({modkey, }, "o", awful.client.movetoscreen)). –  nicooga Jun 26 '13 at 16:51
Thanks for the answer! This should have been moved to superuser NOT closed. –  user1028270 Mar 5 at 1:37
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